Photo shoot Checklist

Photo shoot Checklist

This is a very exciting time for you and undoubtedly you are curious about what to expect during your homes photo shoot. To ensure that you get the most out of our photo shoot here is a list of simple staging tips to complete prior to our photography team showing up. Please keep in mind that our photographers are not able to move items or clean anything due to insurance limitations.

1. Ensure all light bulbs are working

2. Turn on all interior and exterior lights. This includes fireplaces, pool lights, under cabinet lights, and landscape lights.

3. Turn OFF all ceiling fans

4. Remove EVERYTHING from all counter tops and table tops. This includes remotes, small kitchen appliances and bathroom toiletries.

5. Remove ALL floor rugs, including welcome mats and bathroom rugs

6. Remove everything from bathroom tub and shower areas

7. Please have any pets crated or in their kennels

8. Remove yard signs such as security systems signage and school signs

9.Put away all garden hoses, remove trash bins, recycle cans and any other misc items that are not a part of the exterior.

10. Arrange patio furniture how you would like it photographed. If you have patio umbrellas please open them

11. Remove leaves from concrete areas. Including front walk, driveway and patio areas

12.Clean pool and remove any toys




Before: Does this feel clean and well kept?

Before and after

After: What a big difference!


 No small appliances here!

Brad Benat

 Not a garden hose in sight!

back yard benat

Below are a few tips to help you minimize clutter so buyers can focus on the home

Real EState dont


Real estate dont 2



We hope this helps answer most of your photo shoot questions!

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