It’s Time to Winterize your HOME

Winter is on its way, often bringing inflated utility bills that could make our blood run cold. Fortunately, there are some things before the big freeze that can make our utility bills decrease in price. Mostly are pretty simple and easy on the wallet but the result is astonishing.  So before the cold starts, let us start with the below tips.

Winterize 1: Inspect doors and windows for drafts-According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use. Walk around the house with a candle preferably during windy day and see if there is some movements. If it swirls, it means there is an air leak. Properly seal the drafts by using a shrink wrap “no kidding” this can really help a room retain its heat as much as 55%. You may also want to check if windows need a fresh caulking.



Winterize 2: Checking on the Thermostat- The David Suzuki Foundation recommends automatically lowering your household temperature while you  sleep or are away at work, and bringing the heat back up when you wake or arrive home. With proper use, you’ll never notice the difference in temperature, but your bank account certainly will — you could end up saving more than 10 per cent on your home heating costs. You can also change your home heating and cooling preferences whenever you want with at-home display panels or on-line through your WiFi network by using an easy-to-use Energy Star certified options, like the new Ecobee Smart Thermostat


Winterize 3: Home Maintenance-Always keep a Home Maintenance Checklist. Who can remember every little things that needs some checking? So for sanity’s sake, make a check list and keep an eye on it. Sometimes its the little things that cause us too much.


Winterize 4: Make Sure the Gutters and Pipes are cleanedAll you need are some gloves and a ladder and you can do this by yourself unless you are afraid of heights. After removing all the leaves and other debris make sure to use a hose to spray water into the downspout to clear hard-to-reach obstructions. If the melting snow can’t drain, it will freeze in your gutters and thus clogged gutters can present a dangerous situation in the event of a snowstorm. You can also turn off the water from your outside garden hose spigots and drain the lines to prevent water to freeze inside which could lead to cracked and damaged pipes. 


Winterize 5: Invest on Insulation- Adding an extra Insulation might be a bit costly but it’s all worth the investment.  David Johnson, co-author of Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Room at a Time, says you can find out whether you have enough attic insulation by measuring its thickness in various locations throughout the coverage area. If you measure less than 20 centimetres of fibreglass or rock wool, or 15 centimetres of cellulose, you could benefit from additional insulation. Luckily, today there are many alternatives to the traditional pink fibreglass out there, and you can choose to insulate your house with eco-friendly cotton, recycled newsprint or soybean oil based products. You can visit Green Diary for Eco-friendly ways on how to insulate your Home.


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